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A story made of knitting: Gomitoli’s


An online treasure trove store of artisanal spun yarns made in Italy is born


This is our story that stretches back to the late 19th century.

Try and imagine a little boy of that time. In those days if you didn’t have the money to study, you had to work. In a factory.

The child of whom we speak is called Camillo Gomitoli (which means literally a ball of yarn) and he possessed a fierce passion for yarn. Because of this, his father, Signor Gomitoli had been more than happy to show little Camillo the old textile factory where he worked. From time to time the boy would go on a trip to the spinning mills. He enjoyed this more than any riches or gifts.

As Camillo grew he became strong, mainly because he had to spend so many hours. The standing stock still, holding his arms at a right angle so his mother (who was very fond of knitting) – could use him to wind skein after skein of yarn. His physique was well suited to factory machinery and he took to work like a duck to water.

Time passes and our Camillo grows up and starts a family. His passion for yarn is such that his children are given most unusual names: Pura Lana (Pure Wool) Gomitoli, Uncinetto (Crochet) Gomitoli, Maglia (Knitting) Gomitoli, Crochet Gomitoli, Dritto (Front) and Rovescio (Back) Gomitoli (twins). The last to be born was Gomitolo Gomitoli, another important character in our story.

It goes without saying that in Casa Gomitoli there are certain things that Camillo expects of his children. For example, knitting should be the first word spoken by every new arrival, that his children can identify the diameter of a knitting needles just by touch and even when blindfolded. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about this Gomitoliarchy, particularly young Gomitolo who, despite his fondness for natural yarns, does not like to follow orders, especially his father's. When he us of age, he leaves for the Orient, where – stories tell – of goats with incredibly fine hair, some of which are supposedly even born wearing perfectly knitted scarves and jumpers.

However, when he arrives in China, Gomitoli can only find decidedly normal goats. This bothers him in fact he is quite devastated. But, just as he’s contemplating a long and despondent journey home with his tail between his legs, he discovers that, hidden beneath the kemp of these lazy goats, there is another type of fibre. A fine, warm, light and soft padding. In other words, the Chinese had cashmere, but did not know how to use it.

Heartened by this discovery, he returns to Italy and applies himself to inventing new techniques and machinery able to produce what is perhaps the most beautiful cashmere in the world at home. He also devotes himself to the search of any other fibres which will produce even more exquisite yarns. Natural Camel, wool, cotton, silk and angora fibres: everything which can be spun to a very high standard, is welcome on the Gomitoli machinery.

But our grandfather was a perfectionist. And he couldn’t bring himself to sell those hand-made yarns.

We are a different generation and we would like to share with you the results of Granpa's love for his yarns and have decided to launch Gomitoli’s e-commerce store. Now you too can try out yarns and see why we are so proud of your family passion made entirely in Italy.

Welcome to Gomitoli’s