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Not only cashmere: what else does Gomitoli’s produce?


Wool, Angora, Camel, themed knitting Kits, cotton and silk: high-quality spun yarns and natural fibres for an e-commerce store whit a difference...

We are very proud of our heritage and the quality for the yarns that we sell around th world. Fundamental to the way we work is the phrase made in Italy which embodies our hopes and aspirations as well as our pride in bringing you yarns unlike any others you will have knitted with before.

We have a passion: yarns.

Gomitoli’s is essentially an e-commerce store of high-quality spun yarns derived from natural fibres and spun in Italy.

Gomitoli’s brings knitters and crocheters a quality product, supported by excellence service. This is our promise to you.

Our balls of spun yarn will be divided in the following categories.