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Crochet Casting on


We know that impenitent singles will not like this "but that"s the way it is.

Live with it. If you want to crochet, you'll have to accept the matter of a ring on the finger!

Casting on is the simplest stitch, as well as being the basis for all others.

Make a ring, laying the thread on your right index finger (come on, it's not the ring finger! ), insert the crochet hook between your finger and the thread, make it turn on itself (in an outward motion) in such a way as to create a loop.

Take the thread on the crochet hook and pull it through the chain, lightly tightening the knot.

Place the thread again on the crochet hook, inserting it into the first chain.

Continue, always repeating this last step.

Technically, we now have what is known as a Chain in slang.