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Granny Squares

Don’t be misled…when we speak of squares we’re not referring to geometry or fuddy-duddy types!
But rather to those colourful squares found in the blankets our grandmothers cherished.
Haven’t you ever sat on granny’s armchair or sofa, anxiously awaiting a slice of her delicious cake, and experienced an explosion of colour and softness!
Times have changed, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to experience the scent and flavour of grandmother’s cakes…
But if you still have a special place in your heart for those blankets, we will help you find the first note to a modern symphony of colourful crochet granny squares! We have a lovely simple pattern which you may repeat until you have crocheted the desired amount of granny squares which you will use to make your blanket. Give your blanket a modern, unique feel, use contrasting colours or different yarns for each granny square – the only limit is your creativity. If you’re a beginner have no fear: we’ve taken photos of the most difficult steps. Expert crocheters will find that they have plenty of time left after completing the blanket to bake a cake in remembrance of dear granny!
Download the pattern here.